What People Have to Say About Their Experience with Rachel...


"Working with Rachel on ancestral healing has been life changing for me. Rachel creates a safe space to do the work in a very beautiful way, and leads me through each session with an open heart and mind, and deep compassion for me and my ancestors. Doing this work has given me the opportunity to engage with my ancestors to develop a direct line of communication, learn about them first-hand, understand the gifts and blessings have been carried through my lineage, and work with them to bring healing and wellness to the entire line. After each session I have noticed an immediate change and have found the overall results to be very healing and empowering for myself and my family."

-- E.M.



"Rachel Weitz is a gifted healer with years of experience in the healing arts. Rachel creates a safe and loving environment to go deep and do the life changing healing work.  Rachel has been an inspiration to me in my own work, a mentor and a guide!  I can't recommend her more highly.”  


– R.S.


“My experience working with Rachel has been incredibly transformative. She has a profound ability to hold space with grace and compassion and wells of strength, that I know have been integral in helping me go to depths of healing that I didn't even know were possible. Through working with Rachel, I have uncovered and healed some very old wounds and have seen the transformation occur in my life in some really amazing ways as a result of that healing..”  


 – A.B.


“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Addictions Counselor III. I have had the Honor and Privilege of working both professionally and personally with Ms. Rachel Weitz for approximately 6 years. I find the combination of therapy and Shamanic Healing with individuals provides a powerful experience for allowing change and healing to emerge. Rachel’s integrity, knowledge, and experience in the Seen and Unseen World creates transformational healing for the individual. I look forward to future collaboration with Rachel in assisting all living beings the opportunity to heal and realize their true potential.” 


     – M.M.


"Rachel is truly a skilled spirit alchemist, although she would never call herself that. Her sessions are an earth centered weaving of her extensive skill set, intuition, presence and deep listening all woven together to bring you back to your true nature, your true essence, back to wholeness. She is deeply connected to the unseen realms and a truly gifted seer. Rachel inspires profound clarity, and a deep connection to spirit and to the earth. I couldn’t recommend anyone else more highly than I recommend Rachel."


     – N.L.


"Rachel has a true gift. Her ability to hold space for ceremony, commune with plants and spirit, and bring crystal clear presence to daily life is a beautiful thing. Through work in her Shamanic circle, I connected to myself more deeply in my early 20's which helped to form the woman I am today. She held space for the union of my partner and I in a hand fasting ceremony and blessed my belly before I gave birth to my son earlier this year. Rachel's work has lit up the seasons of my life so far and will continue to bring depth and meaning to my life experience. I cannot recommend working with Rachel highly enough."


- K.S.

"Rachel is a wonderful teacher and truly sacred healer. She brings positivity to the practice while holding the highest moral and ethical standards. She makes you feel comfortable even in vulnerable situations and allows for her students and clients to be full of their own light and encourages every individual to be their authentic self. In a short time, Rachel has had a profound impact on my life and the direction I am headed. After one session, as her client, I knew that my life had taken a turn and that true healing had taken place. Real purpose was unfolding and so was my path which led to my being her student. If it weren’t for Rachel, I truly don’t know where I would be or

how I would have healed the traumas my life has seen."


- A.P.