Living True Nature Healing Arts






Spiritual Counseling

Counseling helps to establish connection to your inner wisdom and spiritual allies and reveal patterns

and blockages that prevent you from moving forward within a container of safety, compassion and presence.


Journey Work

The practitioner and client connect with the

unseen realms to retrieve information for change and healing and establish a relationship with spiritual guides in order to deepen and bring more understanding and growth to spiritual, emotional and physical experiences. 


Ancestral Healing

We all have loving and well ancestors.  This lineage repair work can help to facilitate connections with these wise ones. The work can support the deepening of relationship and help bring healing to the unwell ancestors and old ancestral patterns, so that the blessings of the line can flow more freely. Remembering this connection is part of our birthright and can help us remember who we are, and support us in bringing more of our gifts and purpose to the world, as well as support our ancestors well being.


Plant Healing and Earth-Based Remedies

Human beings and plants have been working in relationship for growth and healing together since the beginning of time.

Plants always exist in their true nature and are natural reflections for authentic expression in human beings.

Plants can remove excess energy in the form of plant brushing. Plant blessings can also enhance the clients intentions.

Herbal and spiritual baths are offered seasonally. 


Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

There are certain moments in life that are important to acknowledge with ritual. Ritual and ceremony can help you heal, transition out of an old time in life and step into a new one, or be witnessed and honored for who you are. Some examples of ceremonies and rituals are stepping into your power, grieving a loss, weddings, children’s coming of age, birth and baby blessings.



This includes intensive teaching, working with your own personal practice. In this case, the client and I meet and discuss what skills or practices they would like to deepen.