My Journey 


I offer a unique and personal form of transformational healing; a combination of shamanic healing arts, spiritual counseling and mentoring. I have integrated years of extensive training and wide life experience into this very special offering.


In college, at American University in Washington D.C., I majored in Psychology, and sought out people and experiences that deepened my understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection.


In 2004, I decided to concentrate my studies in psychology and persue my masters in counseling from Adams State College. Shortly after graduating in 2006, I worked in the mental health field, including residential treatment facilities for young women, and mental health centers, honing my talents and acquiring many new skills through my experiences. During this time, I worked with a wide variety of clients, coming to an understanding of the human experience and deepening my ability to hold sacred space in which to perform my unique healing work.


In January of 2007, I learned Beginning Journeying with Heather Powell and immediately felt a deep resonance, a feeling of homecoming. I began my studies and later in that year was invited by Ann Drucker to come study more deeply with her.


I trained with Ann for over five years and apprenticed with her for three and a half of those years. The training ground became not only workshops, but participating near daily in Ann’s healing sessions with clients. More than just shamanic techniques, Ann taught me how to become a hollow bone through which spirit may move freely. Herbal medicine and working cooperatively with the plant allys was a significant part of my training with Ann. I feel that this was the some of the most profound training I could have ever received and am most grateful to Ann for her time, patience, and guidance.


Teaching children at Sage Hamilton’s home-school program and being mentored by Sage for two years was also a profound learning experience for me. At the school, with the help of Sage, I designed and implemented a curriculum about medicinal plants and story-telling for the children. 


Throughout these years of deepening study, I have had the privelege of learning with Sandra Ingerman, completing a two year shamanic teacher training, while also studying with Betsy Bergstrom for five years. I have learned and synthesized many shamanic skills from both of these wise women.  I have also traveled to Belize to study Maya spiritual healing and abdominal massage with Miss Beatrice Waight.


I spent two years studying medicinal plants and indigenous healing practices in the Peruvian jungle. There I also facilitated intensive physical, emotional and spiritual healing treatments within the Shipibo plant tradition.


I deepened my knowledge of healing touch by studying earth centered botanical body work techniques with Medicine Woman Naomi Boggs. Always being devoted to my continuing education, I integrate these new teachings into my work.


 I believe in the brightness of spirit and in our ability to heal, grow, change and evolve, much as the Earth does. I am a bridge for body and spirit and feel blessed to serve in this way, honoring the universal spirit that moves in all things, including you!


I give thanks to my teachers Ann Drucker, Heather Powell, Sage Hamilton, Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, and Miss Beatrice Waight. And for the love, nourishment and support of my friends, family, earth and spirit.