The Art of Shamanism


Shamanism is an ancient practice that has existed for tens of thousands of years.  The practice partners you with guides and helping spirits to deepen and bring more understanding and growth to your own spiritual, emotional, and physical experience. It parts the veil between the seen and unseen realms allowing you to reclaim your own vital essence. It teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has spirit, that we are joined with the earth, and the web of life. 



The Art of Counseling  


The art of counseling brings presence to current life experiences for understanding, clarity, and healing. My work is grounded in a safe and compassionate container. Together we explore old stories,

patterns and blockages that keep you from wholeness and well-being. Through staying present together and bringing awareness to body, mind and spirit we are able to create space for an organic healing process to unfold.



The Art of LivingTrue Nature Shamanic Healing


The Art of Living True Nature Shamanic Healing is a results oriented practice that goes beyond simple therapy. Honoring the ancient wisdom traditions and blending that wisdom with modern consciousness is the essence to my work. These remedies support you to weave and integrate the fabric of your being, your authentic self and the web of life.


Working in partnership with the helping spirits of the Shamanic realm, we call on your true-nature to guide the healing work in which we engage. This work is rooted in the belief that you have the inner wisdom to heal yourself

and the guides and I hold space to facilitate that unfolding. 


Each session is unique to your intention.