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It is my utmost Joy...

 It is my utmost joy and greatest honor to share presence and

authenticity with you and walk the healing path together.


I come from both people of the Jewish diaspora, most recently in eastern Europe, and from Ireland. I grew up in the ancestral lands of the Lenni-Lenape people, which is currently known as Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Currently, I live in the foothills of Colorado, traditional lands of the Ute and Arapaho.


With a master’s in counseling, I have experience working in the mental health field, including residential treatment facilities for young women and mental health centers. For over ten years I have apprenticed and studied with shamanic practitioners and earth-centered spiritual healers from a wide variety of traditions throughout North and South America, studying shamanic healing, herbal medicine, ancestral healing, Maya spiritual healing, and the Shipibo plant medicine tradition of Peru. 


Although I have experience in counseling, the work that I do is not traditional therapy.  This work is based on the fact that we live in a community with other beings and deepening our relationships can provide much support for both humans and spirits.  I believe these relationships are our birthright and a natural way of being that we are often socialized out of as a culture. I believe in a grounded approach to these relationships and spiritual healing.


I am an animist. Animism recognizes that we are part of a community and honors the relationships that connect us all. This community includes nature spirits, animals, humans, ancestors of place and blood, and many other beings. I have a strong desire to keep learning and supporting a healthy relationship with the beings that are part of this interwoven community that we live with.  My passion is to humbly share this connection with others to support people in deepening their own relationships to bring communal and personal balance, healing and wellness. 


I have studied with different kinds of earth and spirit centered healers.  Some use the term shamanism and shamanic practitioner and I am currently in the process of moving more towards using the term animism and animist since the term shamanic is used to reference a type of healer in Siberia and I am not from there nor have I trained there.  I will still use the term shamanism and shamanic practitioner and some shamanic terms in reference to healing practices to help people understand what I am referring to as these terms have become more common in the healing arts field.

I am honored to practice this work with deep gratitude to my teachers in human and other then human forms. Thank you Ann Drucker, Zvi Ish-Shalom, Heather Powell, Naomi Boggs, Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Miss Beatrice Waight and Doña Wilma.

Rachel Weitz

“Let the beauty we love be what
  we do. There are hundreds of
  ways to kneel and kiss the earth.”





“Rachel apprenticed with me for over 3 years
and she is the shamanic healer that I now go
to for my own personal healing. Rachel’s work is outstanding. Her relationshipwith the spirit of
the plants is noteworthy. I unequivocally
recommend her work. A session with
Rachel restores me back to my true-self.” 


     – Ann Drucker – 

Shamanic Practitioner, Herbalist

Education. Trainings. Apprenticeships.


  • Bachelors in Psychology; MA in Counseling 

  • Six year intensive study and apprenticeship with Healer/Herbalist, Ann Drucker

  • Two year Teacher Training with Shamanic Teacher, Sandra Ingerman

  • Extensive study with teacher, Betsy Bergstrom

  • Training in Maya Spiritual Healing and Abdominal Massage, Miss Beatrice Waight in Belize

  • Two year training studying and facilitating retreats in medicinal plants and Shipibo indigenous healing practices in Peru

  • Study in Earth-Centered Botanical Body Work with Medicine Woman, Naomi Love

  • Study in ancestral healing work

  • Continued study over the last 5 years with Zvi-Ish Shalom and The Kedumah Institute.



  • Counselor at Aim House; residential treatment for young adults 

  • Case Manager for Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Center  




Rites of Passage 

  • Facilitated Rites of Passages including: weddings, coming of age ceremony, women's moon circles, mother/baby blessings, initiation acknowledgement ceremonies to honor varying passages in life. 



  • Facilitated many herbal and spiritual workshops in the US and South America and continue to offer these workshops in Colorado. 

  • Deepening Relationships:Animistic Practices for Relating with Spirits of the Land, Ancestors and Guides

  • Beginning Journeying

  • Soul Retrieval 

  • Extraction 

  • Psychopomp

  • Healing with Spiritual Light 

  • Medicine for the Earth